PUFFCO Proxy Desert
PUFFCO Proxy: from €279 ▸ premium vaporizer
PUFFCO Proxy: from €279 ▸ premium vaporizer
PUFFCO Proxy: from €279 ▸ premium vaporizer
PUFFCO Proxy: from €279 ▸ premium vaporizer

    PUFFCO Proxy: from €279 ▸ premium vaporizer

    €269,00 €299,00
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      The Puffco Proxy is a portable, modular vaporizer that combines tradition with innovation.

      This vaporizer is intended for extracts only (wax, shatter, rosin).

      3D chamber technology offers four precisely heated temperature settings to optimize flavor and vapor production. Compatible Puffco accessories are available to further customize your experience.

      This is included in the PUFFCO Proxy Set

      No matter what color you choose, this is always included:

      1. Proxy Base = The heart of the proxy (engine)
      2. Proxy Pipe = High-quality glass pipe with a matching inlet for the proxy base
      3. Oculus Carb Cap = closure for the extract chamber
      4. Loading Tool = High-quality loading tool made of stainless steel for dosing your extracts
      5. Dual Tool (pack of 5) = cleaning stick and loading tool in one
      6. Practical case for neatly storing all parts

        What is the Puffco 3D Chamber?

        According to the manufacturer, the Puffco 3D chamber is an innovative breakthrough in heating technology. Embedded in the ceramic bowl, the extracts evaporate on the side walls and not just on the bottom. This ensures an even, smooth hit while enhancing the flavor.

        • Extremely efficient
        • Constant temperature control
        • Preserves the quality of taste
        • Glazed ceramic bowl for easy cleaning

        The perfect heat for every need

        The heat can be regulated easily and innovatively:

        • Blue (Low) - Best flavor, lowest vapor production
        • Green (Medium) - Balanced flavor and vapor
        • Red (High) - Lots of vapor with good flavor
        • White (Maximum) - Highest steam production for larger hits

        Proxy Desert Puffco

        Proxy Desert: Now new in the range!

        Finally also available in a cream-colored desert look. We think black is really nice too - but we've heard requests from you again and again to include the Proxy Desert in the range. And here he is now!

        The head is in a subtle cream tone and the body also comes in other colors: a mixture of cream-green-brown: a real eye-catcher!

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Top Gerät, bis auf den anfänglichen Geruch

        Das Gerät is genau, wie ich's mir vorgestellt hab mit einer Ausnahme. Dem enorm übelriechenden Anfangsgestank der Kunststoffteile. Trotz mehrfacher Reinigung mit Alkohol schmeckten die ersten drei Sitzungen noch extrem danach... 🤢Mittlerweile is er zum Glück weg...

        Johannes Höllmüller
        Sehr geiles Teil

        Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Proxy echt ein super E-Rig, egal ob es um Geschmack, Benutzerfreundlichkeit oder Flexibiltät geht schneidet der Proxy echt super ab. Auch Putzen geht sehr schnell und gut da man den Proxy sehr leicht in seine Einzelteile zerlegen kann. Ich bin rundum zufrieden

        Lukasz Machalski

        Bestes Gerät

        Jonas Veya

        The Proxy "Kit" by PUFFCO Verdampfer mit 3D Kammer-Technologie

        Tolles Produkt

        Haptik, Optik und Zubehör sind einfach Bombe.. Die Investition hat sich gelohnt!! Hab mir noch den bubbler geholt, der kommt bei gemeinsamen sessions auch richtig richtig gut.