KØL mini 2.0 Pipe from HOJ - €79.95 - patented system
KØL mini 2.0 Pipe from HOJ - €79.95 - patented system
KØL mini 2.0 Pipe from HOJ - €79.95 - patented system
KØL mini 2.0 Pipe from HOJ - €79.95 - patented system
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    KØL mini 2.0 Pipe from HOJ - €79.95 - patented system

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      The KØL 2.0 from HØJ impresses with its innovative micro-channel design, which has been patented and effectively mechanically cools the smoke without the need for additional water. This trendsetter comes with the matching stainless steel filter and ensures a completely new experience - without any coughing!

      Inspired by the scales of the mako shark, the shape of the KØL forces the incoming air into a vortex, retaining a far higher proportion of plant contaminants.

      The inside of the pipe is accessible by simply unfolding it. Hidden magnets compress the core, holding it in place during use and allowing your pipe to be easily opened and closed.

      Most pipes are difficult to clean and need to be replaced regularly - this is completely different with the KØL mini 2.0. Because HØJ aims to design products that can be used for a lifetime. That's why you can simply open KØL and give it a quick wipe or wash it in the sink with your pots and pans. Absolutely simple!

      What is the difference between KØL and KØL mini?

      KØL MINI is, it's hard to believe, smaller than KØL . How much smaller? Well, KØL is 15 cm long, while KØL MINI is 11.2 cm long.

      The benefits of the KØL mini 2.0 Pipe

      • Ergonomic design
      • Magnetic assembly
      • Hassle-free cleaning
      • Thermally conductive cooling
      • Filtration technology
      • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
      • Vortex cooling


      • Titanium coated stainless steel filter
      • Anodized, recyclable aluminum
      • Rare earth magnets
      HOJ premium pipe "KOL mini 2.0"

      Unlike conventional grinders, the material is not “crushed” with the KLIP Grinder, but rather finely cut by the specially made double blades. This creates a fluffier consistency that burns more evenly and thus enables an optimal smoking experience.


      Our top 3 arguments
      premium quality

      The KOL mini 2-0 pipe (like all HOJ products) is made of high-quality materials that are perfectly matched to each other: titanium-coated stainless steel filter; Anodized, recyclable aluminum and rare earth magnets.

      Easy cleaning

      Thanks to the magnetic construction, the KØL is easy to take apart. Wipe it with a cloth or soak it in hot water or alcohol in the sink. However, your KOL mini is not suitable for the dishwasher.

      Chilled smoke

      When you take the KØL mini 2.0 apart, you immediately notice the interior, which is modeled on the scales of the Mako shark. This design pushes the incoming air into a vortex that cools the smoke and filters out pollutants.