HOJ KLIP Premium Grinder from €119
HOJ KLIP Premium Grinder from €119
HOJ KLIP Premium Grinder from €119
HOJ KLIP Premium Grinder from €119
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    HOJ KLIP Premium Grinder from €119

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    HØJ grinders are a revolution in the grinder market. In terms of both ergonomics and performance, this grinder cannot be compared to any other models on the market.

    The principle of “cutting, not grinding”

    In contrast to conventional grinders, the herb is not crushed with KLIP. Instead, the custom-made dual blades finely slice through the herbs, creating a much looser consistency that burns more evenly. This also protects the nature of the crystals, making your herbs more potent.

    Magnetic magic

    The central pin is held suspended in the air using opposing magnets, drastically reducing contact with the sides. This allows for almost frictionless rotation. Forget grinders that jam, clog and break - KLIP literally spins like magic!

    Perfectly chopped - always for your needs

    KLIP's patent-pending magnetic accessory system comes with three different control discs and a collection strainer, all of which snap into place effortlessly. That means fine herb for your bags, coarsely chopped herb for pipes, and everything in between. Enjoy it your way with just one click.

    J KLIP: Easy for everyone

    When developing KLIP, HØJ paid strict attention to making the grinder accessible to everyone: even people with limited dexterity.

    That's why the KLIP opens magnetically with a turn of just 10 degrees and can be easily rotated in 1 degree increments, unlike the quarter turn system that most grinders are based on.

    This is included:

    • KLIP Premium Grinder
    • 3 regulating discs
    • 1 collecting sieve
    • Cork and organic packaging


    • Height: 57mm / 2.2"
    • Diameter: Ø66 mm / 2.6"
    • Loading capacity: 1.6g material
    • Capacity: 3.2g


    • Thread-free magnetic mounting
    • Patent pending design
    • Two precision blades
    • Ergonomic design
    • Hassle-free cleaning
    • Modular construction


    • Stainless steel
    • Rare earth magnets
    • Anodized, recyclable aluminum
    • Polished brass

    HOJ Klip also as B-stock

    We have some HOJ Klip in stock that we cannot sell as A-stock because they have minor signs of wear. But of course you have the choice: look at the options for A-ware or B-ware.

    Below are some pictures of what these very minor flaws can look like:

    The grinders never have any defects on the outside!

    Customer Reviews

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    Es gibt nichts vergleichbares

    Dieser Grinder ist Luxus pur - völlig klar und es ist auch klar, dass sich das nicht jeder leisten kann oder leisten wird. Aber wenn man das Geld über hat, sollte man sich diesen Grinder auf jeden Fall holen. Haptik, Leistung, Optik.. Alles überzeugend!

    HOJ premium Grinder

    Unlike conventional grinders, the material is not “crushed” with the KLIP Grinder, but rather finely cut by the specially made double blades. This creates a fluffier consistency that burns more evenly and thus enables an optimal smoking experience.


    Our top 3 arguments
    premium quality

    The HOJ KLIP is made of stainless steel; magnets made from rare earth metals; anodized, recyclable aluminum and polished brass. Made for your everyday life: a loyal companion for eternity.

    Easy cleaning

    Thanks to the magnetic structure, the KLIP Grinder can be easily opened. Wipe it with a cloth or place it in the sink to soak. If you know how to wash dishes, then you know how to clean the KLIP.

    Modern design

    The design of the HOJ Klip Grinder is not only incredibly stylish: This premium grinder also sits ergonomically very smoothly in the hands. The modular structure makes the application a real pleasure.