Activated carbon filter 6mm from Medusa 50s
Activated carbon filter 6mm from Medusa 50s

    Activated carbon filter 6mm from Medusa 50s "Organic Edition"

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      The Medusa Premium activated carbon filters consist of a combination of coconut activated carbon and two vegan fiber caps. This combination offers you lower-emission smoking without compromise. It filters out pollutants such as ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, condensates and other substances as much as possible thanks to its high absorption capacity. And the best thing: With the Medusa activated carbon filters, this works without clogging even on cold and wet days.

      Instead of the usual ceramic caps, Medusa uses two vegan fiber filters. These provide additional double filtration, making your smoke extra smooth and cool. In addition, this includes Fine dust and droplets in the mouth are a thing of the past.

      The Medusa activated carbon filters are equipped with high-quality cardboard on the outside. This prevents your filter from collapsing when you smoke. The filter sleeve is 100% compostable.

      The 6mm activated carbon filters are ideal for anything you roll yourself.

      By the way: Medusa Filters offsets its CO² balance by constantly planting new trees!


      50x Medusa Premium activated carbon filters in stand-up pouches

      Why use activated carbon filters?

      Most of you probably still prefer the homemade filters made of cardboard: it's easy and you're always at the start. However, activated carbon filters are becoming increasingly popular because they make the smoke appear significantly smoother and cooler. The manufacturers often point out that there is less pollution for your lungs.

      Several studies have also shown that activated carbon filters can actually help reduce harmful substances.

      Can you use an activated carbon filter multiple times?

      This is basically possible. However, this is not recommended as it is particularly detrimental to the taste. Of course, the filter can no longer filter out as many pollutants after repeated use.